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  • Nov
    [Category two] Assessed supplier

    Within many years, GreatCity has developped an experience being a supplier of different machines: construction machinery, food processing machinery, metal processing machinery and other machines that can give a long life production at any capacity which are used to a huge production of material need

  • Jul
    [Category one] GreatCity Achievement

    For many years, Chinese product has known a huge demand in machinery. Each factory has developped an advanced technology in order to offer the premium quality of product in the international market. Generally, China has more that 200$ billion in term of value in exportation, due to the fact that internationally, Chinese factories have maintained the quality control of their machines and other material that they need to manufactured. Until now, Chinese brand sustains the premium place within this globalisation because as there is a huge international competition, Chinese brand still maintain its first place in exportation globally. Quality, competitivity, insurance, loyalty are the main scope of Chinese plan.

  • Nov
    [Category one] R6 description

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