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New Generation Fast VI CNC Rebar Bending Machine

There is no secret anymore to build so fast any edifice. The new generation VI will present you a fast operation, faster than ever that make your work more wonderful, and perfect. Words might not describe all the impression to use the machine, but it is more flexible, super performant and have a high profitability. Well equipped to ensure the capability of the machine to execute the work perfectly, is what you need.

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1- Scope of using rebar bending machine:

- Rebar bending machines are used to housing building.

- Many machines for bending rebar are applied to tunnel and bridge projects

- High ways construction, railway construction and subway construction

- Reinforcing steel bar fabrication plants.

2- Advantages of using the rebar bending machines:

1. Compact structure.
2. Stable performance.
3. Coppery motor.
4. Flexible and easy to operate.
5. Good steel work disk.
6. High working efficiency
7. Strong durability.
8. Easy to maintain.

3- Technical parameter of the fast 6:

Single wire diameter process5-10 MM
Double wire diameter process5-8 MM
Bending angle180
Maximum bend angle60m/min
Maximum bend angle800 angles/set
Length accuracy1 MM
Angular accuracy1 angle
Average power5kW/h
Weight1980 Kg

4- General aspect of the machine:


A full equipped machine Fast 6 with a auto-rack collector, and cut ligament for cut length wire. This picture presents a full set of the model R6. 

This machine is the lastest version of bending a bar from 5 to 8 MM. It can adopt several shapes and arcs that you are the only who can determine the degree angle that you want to make. A new movable touchscreen , more options and extension that possible to achieve more than 100 geometrical shapes and arcs.

5- Show time:

A full ensurance that the machine can work in construction project field: https://youtu.be/ecrRCU6AGFU

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